Supplements are no substitution to a high quality diet filled with fruits and vegetables. Quite simply, Supplements are meant to close the gap between the nutrition your body needs to function properly and the nutrition that your diet is providing. However, with the many factors that affect lives and health of both adults and children, most of us do not get the nutrient we need to keep our bodies healthy.

For the active fast pace lifestyle we live I recommend everyone use a whole food multi supplement and a EFA (essential fatty acid) as the cornerstone for good nutritional supplements.

Supplements for men and for women: I recommend Prograde Nutrition products to support a solid, results oriented fitness and weight loss program. I recommend them because I use them and my clients use them…all with great results. Get the full details of VGF25 here.

Cravers (“Scooby snacks”) - The best tasting bar on the planet!

Prograde Cravers are the best tasting organic energy bar on the planet.

Customers love them because of their great taste, low in calories, balance

of nutrients, and they aren't filled with junk to derail your weight loss objective.

But if you are looking for the best tasting bar on the planet, one that is organic, filled with all-natural ingredients,

zero trans fat and the perfect size for a quick, healthy snack on the go, then you have come to the right place…Cravers!

You can find out more and order Prograde Products HERE.

Something to consider: CARB ROTATION DIET by Jayson Hunter

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