LeFever Wellness – Orange County Corporate Fitness Training, health, and Wellness Coaching Programs

Is your company’s bottom line suffering from employee illness and healthcare costs?

The issue of corporate health in respect to employees and expanded health benefits is in the news and becoming one of the main focuses of Health Care Companies and Corporations.

Studies show that overweight and unhealthy employees have lower productivity, higher absenteeism and higher health care costs... and that affects your bottom line!

Our Orange County corporate wellness coaching programs are designed specifically for your company needs. Our on-site fitness and boot camp programs, weight loss challenges, yoga classes, and lunch and learn discussions will educate your employees for lasting changes and improved health. Call us today and start improving the health of your employees and company immediately!

On-Site opportunities for your Company’s wellness:

Please contact us today for a free consultation about how we can work together to make your employees and your company healthy and fit.

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