Whether you are just getting started or continuing on your journey towards life-long fitness conditioning, we welcome you to join one of our boot camps.

We also welcome groups of friends, moms, and spouses to join our boot camps together. If you have a group that is interested in one of our boot camps, OR would like a boot camp of your own feel free to
contact LeFever Wellness to find out more.

Coach Greg’s Boot Camps

You want changes in your physique, you want slimmer thighs, tighter muscles, and you want it with a proven results driven program.

Fitness Coach Greg LeFever puts his special touch to the concept of Fitness Boot Camps in Orange County to burn more calories during and after your workouts.  And we keep the “personal” in our group training.

Tired of the same old gym workout?

We fight the boring workouts with constant variety of exercises that encompass cardio, strength, agility, and balance. Our workouts are designed to burn maximum calories in minimum time.

The combination of our calorie crushing workouts and your intensity level will get you the results you are looking to achieve.

Every day we commit ourselves to helping people reach their fitness potential.  Our female clients are dropping dress sizes, losing weight for special events, brides are looking their best in wedding dresses, trimming thighs and tightening arms for evening gowns.  And best of all, shaping up the hour glass shapes.

Our male clients are reducing belt sizes, getting the ‘v’ back from the pot belly, and achieving overall conditioning they have not had in years.   

If you want a different life changing experience, our fitness classes are for you!

Enroll today in Orange County’s premier fitness boot camps for Irvine, Tustin, and Newport Beach.

What’s different about Coach Greg’s Boot Camps?

Our group fitness and boot camps are filled with a variety of different exercise programs to ensure a fun, fat burning, flab tightening, total body experience.

Our class variety includes Body weight exercises, medicine ball, tension bands with the Fit Body Band Program, cardiovascular, and circuit training just to name a few.

What do you get for your investment in Coach Greg’s Boot Camps?

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